We all have a Big Brain
      We all have a Little Brain
      We all have a Choice

      In a world where anything you text, post, or blurt-out can go viral instantly, having control of your words is critical to your success.

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      In a world where anything you text, post, or blurt-out can go viral instantly, having control of your words is critical to your success.

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      You'll discover how to:


      Find Your Neutral
      and take control.


      Prevent Escalation.


      Bring Leadership into every conversation.


      Improve Your
      Verbal Intelligence™.

      What People Are Saying


      "It’s simple and effective and I highly recommend it to anyone who owns a business, and not just for you, but your entire company!"


      Jack Canfield

      #1 NY Times Best-selling Author
      Co-Creator, Chicken Soup for the Soul & The Success Principles


      “Big Brain Little Brain is a leadership, communications, customer service, and self-help book all rolled into one. Kevin presents the concepts in such a practical, understandable way that stays with you—and the stories he shares are unforgettable. It’s changed how I interact with others—professionally and personally—in such a positive and impactful way.”


      Carrie Brown

      Communications Executive, Major Entertainment Company


      “Big Brain Little Brain is one of those books I keep on my desk. There are lots of good de-escalation techniques that have helped me stay sane, but sometimes, just looking at the book cover when I’m stressed reminds me there’s always a calmer path to communication.”


      David Moye



      “Big Brain Little Brain is mindfulness made practical and easy. It takes mindfulness out of your head and brings it into every word you speak. In our rapidly changing world, communication is key. The ability to listen with an open heart and foster authentic connection will positively change your life and everyone around you. Kevin McCarney has crafted a simple set of tools combined with powerful principles for building a new world of connectivity and conscious communication. If you’re ready to come on board, now’s the time. The world needs you.”


      Steven Reich



      “Big Brain Little Brain is a handbook on how to communicate in all aspects of life. As a mediator, I work with litigating parties to help resolve disputes with the use of effective communication skills. McCarney’s concepts of ‘Getting to Neutral’ and ‘The Tone Is the Message’ are spot-on and something I implement regularly with the parties in my mediation practice. The book helps me assist the parties in their awareness of their own behavior—their attitude and their tone—and how to use untapped skills to reach the other side to achieve lasting resolution in a wide variety of situations. This book teaches us how to use simple techniques to control our response to win positive, Big Brain legacies.”


      Gig Kyriacou

      Mediation/Dispute Resolution


      “[Big Brain Little Brian] was first presented to Monterey High School students and staff during a career day. Kevin shared the impetus for writing the book, and students who are or will be looking for jobs perked up to the topic of successful communication, relationships, and making the most of everything you do. The staff chose to use this book as an all-school read, developing questions, and discussion topics to follow each chapter. The book was also shared with parents. It became a common language the staff and students could use to tackle issues. The language is simple—the message has lifelong implications, as we all get stuck in our Little Brain sometimes. I appreciate Kevin's commitment to creating ah-ha moments!”


      Ann Brooks

      Principal, Monterey High School, Burbank, CA


      “As a thirty-one-year police veteran with an extensive background in internal affairs, I sincerely believe that Big Brain Little Brain should not just be required reading, but a required training process for law enforcement agencies across the country. Day-to-day police work is rife with Little Brain opportunities. Preparing officers for a ‘reflex’ response to avoid Little Brain and stay in Big Brain would significantly reduce the likelihood of physical confrontations. Developing a ‘reflex’ response requires sustained training and evaluation. Big Brain Little Brain should absolutely be part of the national conversation regarding rethinking law enforcement training and interactions with the public.”


      Eric Rosoff

      Lieutenant (Ret.), Burbank Police Department


      “Big Brain Little Brain is an essential read for anyone who wishes to build enduring relationships in their personal and professional lives. If you’ve ever thought, ‘I shouldn’t have said that,’ or, ‘I shouldn’t have sent that,’ then this book is for you. Big Brain Little Brain is a simple read that produces transformative results. You can immediately apply the lessons learned in this book to the next email you send, text you receive, or person you talk to.”


      Matt Chambers

      EdD, school administrator/parent


      “The Big Brain Little Brain concept is one that every school in the world should be teaching, and Kevin McCarney's book should be required reading! The ability to recognize your own internal wiring and make calm and success-minded decisions is something that everyone wants, but very few can master unaided. This book is a huge leap forward in developing a mindset that will ultimately benefit the reader for their entire life. I am so grateful to Kevin for bringing his powerful presentation to our school year after year. My students have benefited greatly from his wisdom and the application strategies that bring the concept into reality.”


      Brendan Jennings

      Music Director

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