The Secrets of Tools & Traps

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Top 5 Big Brain Tools

We discuss over twenty different Tools in the book. Here are five very important Big Brain Tools you can use to Win every Moment.

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Top 5 Little Brain Traps

There are countless Traps waiting to trip you up. Here are five universal Little Brain Traps that prevent successful encounters every day.

  • Assuming The Negative
  • Ambushing
  • Insensitivity
  • Careless
  • Taking It Personally
Big Brain vs Little Brain Head

Tools allow your Big Brain to

  • Use your Big Brain to Win The Moment
  • Use your Big Brain to improve your relationships
  • Use your Big Brain to Get the life you deserve

Traps make your Little Brain

  • Get you into trouble
  • Damage your relationships
  • Prevent your success
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Little Brain Headlines

Little Brain Headlines: Celebrities
Sorry Celebrities: Famous Mea Culpas
Usually a simple "I'm sorry" can help salvage a celebrity's reputation, no matter how great the scandal is. Sadly, some stars can't even get that right. Here are some of the most notable celebrity apologies in recent memory. [MORE]
Little Brain Headlines: Twitter
KitchenAid Tweets Joke About Obama's Dead Grandma
An insensitive tweet poking fun at President Barack Obama's late grandmother -- posted on KitchenAid's official U.S. account -- caught the eye of many Twitter users Wednesday night during the presidential debate. [MORE]
Little Brain Headlines: Facebook
Friendly Advice For Teachers: Beware Of Facebook
Teachers have been fired for comments they posted on Facebook, which raises free speech issues and questions about how teachers should interact on social media. [MORE]
Little Brain Headlines: Celebrities
Kristen Stewart sets a new standard for the art of the celebrity apology
Stewart may have done a bad thing but with her apology shows she's learned from those who came before her. [MORE]
Little Brain Headlines: Twitter
Top 9 Celebrity Twitter Blunders
Nearly every week we see Tweets making Little Brain Headlines. TV Guide racks up nine such gaffes from the celebrity world. [MORE]
Little Brain Headlines: Global
10 Most Awkward Political Gaffes [Video]
Youtube compilation of ten awwkward, embarrassing Little Brain Moments from the political arena. [MORE]
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Big Brain Tools

The Apology Tool

Apologizing is truly an art form in today's world, but we often resist it with every last fiber of our being. It can be as simple as saying, "I screwed up, and I'm sorry." The good news is that an apology has no expiration date. When you have done something wrong or just made a mistake, whether in words or in deeds, you must apologize. Healing can begin only when a truly sincere apology has been given, so the faster it comes the faster the healing begins. But no matter how long it has been, the Big Brain can always find a way to create a positive legacy. What's the legacy of apologizing? People will think you are sincere. You can deposit a reputation for sincerity in the Big Brain Bank and Trust. [See examples of Apologizing]


We don't send telegraps to people anymore, but there are plenty of other ways to send advance notice. Let people know when something is coming up that will affect their lives: a job change, new policies, a major deadline, new rules of the house, and so on. Telegraph anything that takes people out of what is familiar or routine and comfortable to them. This will allow processing time for them to accept the circumstances and make the most of them. What's the legacy of Telegraphing? You will seem diplomatic. Diplomacy is a good trait you can deposit in the Big Brain Bank and Trust. [See examples of Telegraphing]

Taking Responsibility

How do you steer clear of blame and instead take responsibility? Learn to enjoy the challenge of solving problems. Do what needs to be done, even when it is not officially your task to perform. Don't be afraid to accept responsibility for actions you've taken and decisions you've made. If someone else is being blamed for your mistake, step up and say, "It's my fault." That way, you will lead others by example. Your response will create legacies that show others the way. What's the legacy of taking responsibility? You'll see principled. You will deposit a reputation for being principled in the Big Brain Bank and Trust. [See examples of Taking Responsibility]

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