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Kevin T. McCarney is a frequent contributor and guest-Blogger for news and business Websites including Huffington Post and Training Magazine.

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Huffington Post

Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?

The Huffington Post
There are so many influences on planning a wedding, it can easily feel like you no longer have control of your dream. Wedding planners, caterers, the rules of the church or venue, the in-laws, and dozens of other distractions can impact you. Then there is the bringing together of all of the different factions. There will be those who may get along fine and others…. [MORE]
Sales and Marketing Magazine

Be Aware of Time Traps & Tools

Sales and Marketing
Of all the influences in our lives, time seems to be the one we feel we have the least ability to manage. But actually, it is the one we have the most control over. In fact, it's an area of opportunity. Time is perfectly consistent. The circumstances that we put ourselves in throughout any given 24 hours are what change. When we over-schedule our lives…. [MORE]
Training Magazine

Every Conversation Is an Opportunity

Training Magazine
Every day we have encounters. We have face-to-face meetings, we say hello to coworkers, we shake hands with clients, we greet customers and others. And with all of the new methods of communication available today, we are beginning to have more and more digital encounters, as well. In each of these encounters, a new conversation…. [MORE]
Biz 2 Credit

How The Littlest Mistakes Can Cause The Biggest Problems

Expert Advice (Biz 2 Credit)
Barely a day goes by when we don't hear about how somebody somewhere said the wrong thing at the wrong time. Smart people, educated people, and even people with lots of experience make mistakes when they are talking to others in business or in their personal life. And the consequences of those mistakes have…. [MORE]