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A Big Brain vs. Little Brain® Communication story is one of actual events that happened or are in the midst of happening. These are stories of successful communication or interactions gone terribly wrong.

Guidelines for a Big Brain vs. Little Brain(R) Communication Story

1. Share a true story about something that has happened to you or someone you know. Make sure that you introduce the characters.

2. The story should include a problem, issue, or situation. It should include dialogue, and it should end in a "Big Brain" or a "Little Brain" result, such as a lesson learned, a change, or a pay off.

Story Specifications

1. We are unable to accept or consider any submissions sent by fax or postal mail. Please know that the only way to submit your stories or poems to us is via our website: If you have any problems when trying to submit, please contact us or Email

2. Stories should be non fiction, ranging in length between three hundred and twelve hundred words.

3. No anonymous, author unknown, or "as told to" submissions, please.

4. Be sure to keep a copy of the story you submit to us.

Publication & Payment

If we publish the story you wrote in a future Big Brain vs. Little Brain® Communication book, we will pay you one hundred dollars upon publication of the book.

When you submit your story to us through our website, you will receive an immediate response that we have received it. This is the confirmation that your story has been delivered and accepted into our submission process. It is the only acknowledgment you will receive from us. If you receive an error message when trying to submit, please contact our webmaster for assistance.

It can take several years for Big Brain vs. Little Brain® Communication books to develop. Please be patient, as this is an important, yet time-consuming process. If your story is chosen for a future edition of Big Brain vs. Little Brain® Communication or any other projects, you will be notified.

Feel free to submit more than one story to us for consideration.

Please do not send us any book manuscripts, as these will be automatically discarded.