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Big Brain Customer Service Awards

opy Central
Some of the most important and anxiety-filled moments in a writer's life are when she takes the manuscript she has been writing for months (if not years) and puts it in the hands of a copy store employee for printing. For years, Copy Central is a place many authors, screenwriters and designers have trusted with their most precious material. The people who work… [MORE]

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archmont Bungalow
Walking into the Larchmont Bungalow in Los Angeles, you know right away this place is different. You can feel the authenticity in the air. You can sense the hospitality all around you. The people who work there don't seem like they are working. Rather it seems like they are fulfilling a mission. That mission is great food and great customer service… [MORE]
ostal Annex
Sitting in a little corner of an otherwise normal-looking shopping center is a skinny Postage, Boxes, Shipping-and-Anything-Else store that, from the outside, looks typical of any postal storefront. But one step inside this tiny shop and you are reminded of the art of running a small business in America. The shop owners engage every customer… [MORE]


Big Brain Stories

here is a grocery store here in Portland called "New Seasons Market," which bills itself as "The Friendliest Store In Town." What I originally took as marketing hyperbole turned out to be pretty true, as I discovered… (MORE COMING SOON)
llie Sanchez, manager of popular San Francisco restaurant Scoma's, wrote to us explaining a recent Big Brain event they held. "We hold a regular Book Club meeting and recently discussed… (MORE COMING SOON)
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